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Welcome to Baron Group of Companies

The Baron Group started as a small turnkey operation on the Island of Gozo and has now grown into a network of companies with diverse interests. Its investments are spread across both islands, mainly in the land developing and real estate industry. It is also active in tourism, mainly rental of up market holiday homes, as well as in the Insurance and finance business.

The Group is dedicated in providing excellent and complete solutions to the demands of its clients, and specialises in delivering a personalised service to each individual customer. Indeed our client’s needs and personality has been our focus from the beginning, as we are very aware of the influence different living environments have on people and their lifestyles. Meanwhile we are also very sensitive of our responsibilities towards maintaining the amazing architectural inheritance passed on to us by our forefathers. As keepers of this legacy, we go a long way, when planning our projects, to blend with and enhance the surrounding environment nurtured with such care over many centuries.

Our property projects reflect this philosophy. Our houses and apartments combine a pleasant and well-designed milieu with a typical Maltese or Gozitan setting. We merge old farmhouses’ features, like millrooms and even barns, into a functional living environment. We encourage clients to view their projects more as an extension of their personality than just a house and to adapt their briefs, and indeed their lifestyles, to the features and surroundings of their property. Baron Homes’ beautifully restored farmhouses are now scattered amongst the small villages and towns of Gozo and are a source of pride not only for the Group but especially for the owners. At the other end of the spectrum we have succeeded in introducing modern ideas and state of the art building structures, materials and finishes in prime localities. We are pioneers in incorporating environmental and security concepts into high rise projects, continually researching new ideas abroad and adapting them into thelocal scene.

The Group holiday rental arm, Baron Holiday Homes is now established as a prime provider of up market holiday accommodation, on the island of Gozo. Utmost care was taken when choosing our residences, giving great importance in retaining their original features and thereby preserving their own individual character and mystique. Our beautiful farmhouses are situated in the best locations, with spectacular views of the Island landscape and its surrounding Mediterranean sea. Some are in the outskirts of villages enjoying the solitude of the countryside; some overlook bays and coves; some are town houses right in old village cores allowing you to soak up the local lore and traditions; many are centuries old. All properties enjoy full amenities, most with air-conditioning, and one can have a choice of a property with fresh water private pool and/or cultivated garden. Full holiday services are provided, from car hire and airport transfers to land and sea excursions. Baron Holiday Homes’ staff is trained to take care of your individual needs, share their local knowledge, and give advice where it is required. They are there to make it a unique visit for the customer, indeed, an experience to be treasured.

Complementing these lines of business, the Group has retained its original turnkey subsidiary. It is manned with personnel now experts in their own right in refurbishment and conservation techniques. In fact we have been entrusted with a variety of projects from National Heritage buildings to sophisticated commercial premises like banks. These have been very demanding, but, at the same time, extremely fulfilling projects, in the sense that we could put to use our expertise both in the planning and actual execution of the work. The company offers a complete package from design and architect facilities to construction, finishing, mechanical and electrical installation, ELV installations and last but not least consultancy services.

Baron Group’s strive for excellence is on going and bases its commercial success on its core integrity and professionalism in its business relationships.
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Operational Programme I – Cohesion Policy 2007-2013
Investing in Competitiveness for a Better Quality of Life
Project part-financed by the European Union
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Co-financing rate: 34% EU Funds, 6% National Funds, 60% Private Funds
Investing in your future
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